Monday, May 23, 2016

The Suzuki RGB500

The last complete RG500 made by the Suzuki factory the 1984 alloy framed RGB500 MK9
1982 witnessed the introduction of a significantly revised version of the RG500 featuring a stepped cylinder, square four two stroke engine with two crankshafts rather than the four previously employed. Typed the MK7, the new machine was reputed to deliver approximately 115bhp. It was followed by the MK8 for the following season which, apart from some minor cosmetic changes was essentially the same as the MK7 retaining the power plant and steel chassis of its predecessor. 1984 marked the introduction of the final complete RG in the form of the MK9. The new model benefited from an increase in the size of the carburettors to 38mm from the 36mm previously employed, however, it was the chassis that received the greatest changes. The steel frame of the previous models gave way to an aluminum box section unit that had benefited from Suzuki's experience with the works machines. A 16 inch front wheel was complimented by an 18 inch rear and the bodywork was significantly revised.
For the 1985 season Suzuki adopted a new approach in respect to their hugely successful RG500 partly in response to changes being seen in domestic racing. National championships were moving towards production based, four stroke formulas resulting in less demand for over the counter Grand Prix 500's. Suzuki opted to stop producing complete RG500's, instead supplying Padgett's of Batley with up rated, magnesium cased, stepped RG500 engines and their associated power valves and expansion chambers. Padgett's would then supply complete machines using a steel frame built by Harris Performance and based on the Suzuki Mk7/8 frame. A total of twelve engines were supplied to the Yorkshire based company with machines being built between 1985 and 1988, the MK type range went on from MK10 to MK14. One of the last bikes an MK14 was ridden by Darren Dixon, a Padgett's sponsored rider to victory in the 1988 British F1 Championship.
Not only Harris made frames for the RGB500 engine also Spondon, VRP and Nico Bakker did, they even made Delta Box frames in the last years.
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