Saturday, November 19, 2016

Yamaha GL750 prototype

Here we have the Yamaha GL750 prototype, this is a fourcilinder two stroke. It was launched at the Tokyo motorshow in 1972. It had a two-stroke injection system which was also a prototype item for snowmobiles. It never reached production stage. Yamaha destroyed the prototype according to the German intenetsite 
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Yamaha GL750
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Classic Yams - GL750
And (in German language) - GL750

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Stredor boxer sidecar racing engine

Here are some pictures of the Stredor, a work of art made by Egbert STREuer and Rinus DORgelo. This machine was on display at the Speedshow in Cafe Hofsteenge in Grolloo The Netherlands december 2006. It is a two stroke boxer sidecar racing engine with 200 hp. First they used Honda and Yamaha cilinders, at the final version Aprilia.  
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Saturday, October 22, 2016


Here we have some pics of a very rare 500cc two stroke racer, the ADM500 triple made by the famous Swiss tuner Charles Auf der Mauer. He also made a square four 500cc in 1983. What made him really famous were his wonderful 500cc four cylinder two stroke engines which were used in sidecar racing with great succes. Pics of the square four and the sidecar engine are also in this photo set.
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Friday, September 16, 2016

Wolfgang von Muralt

This time a topic about a man who probably raced the most different types of Suzuki RG500's. He raced on RG500 and RGB500's, with alloy and steel frames, on different types of Nico Bakker RGB's, steel and alloy framed, on the factory XR70 and also on the TGA1 and the last years on the carbon fiber Ciba Geigy XR70. He did this with the help of Swiss Suzuki importer Frankonia. He also was one of the last persons that raced the RG500 in the GP's.
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Wolfgang von Muralt

Friday, August 19, 2016

The last "official" RGB500 ever made?

For the 1985 season Suzuki adopted a new approach in respect to their hugely successful RG500 partly in response to changes being seen in domestic racing. National championships were moving towards production based, four stroke formulas resulting in less demand for over the counter Grand Prix 500's. Suzuki opted to stop producing complete RG500's, instead supplying Padgett's of Batley with up rated, magnesium cased, stepped RG500 engines and their associated power valves and expansion chambers. Padgett's would then supply complete machines using a steel frame built by Harris Performance and based on the Suzuki Mk VII/VIII frame. A total of twelve engines were supplied to the Yorkshire based company with machines being built between 1985 and 1988. The machine offered is number 11 of the 12 and was ridden by Darren Dixon, a Padgett's sponsored rider to victory in the 1988 British F1 Championship. It was subsequently sold to Brian Burgess in November 1988 for his son, John, to ride in the British Superbike Championship which, at that time still allowed machines such as the RG500 to compete. The ACU eventually banned two strokes form the British Superbike Championship at the start of the 1990's. The owners continued to run the RG500 in National and club events until 1996. Roger Keen prepared the engine during the period that the motorcycle was racing and recently the engine has been stripped and rebuilt with new parts by Phil Lovet. The machine was recently returned to the livery that it wore when being raced by Darren Dixon in 1988 with the paintwork being applied by Padgett's.
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Harris Suzuki RGB500 MK14

Friday, July 29, 2016

The Fath 500

It seems that my old blog is finally down, so now and then I will post some old entries here. One of my favorite bikes is the really special Fath 500 four cylinder boxer two stroke made by Helmuth Fath. The solo machine was ridden by Billie Nelson and Jon Ekerold, the sidecar by Siegfried Schauzu and Werner Schwärzel.
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Fath 500

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Skoal Bandit RG500

After many years we finally finished my RG500 project, it turned into a great bike. I am very pleased with the result!  
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Suzuki RG500