Thursday, June 14, 2018

Seeley Crescent 500

This time some pics of a very rare bike, the Seeley Crescent 500. This bike uses the same speedboat engine as Rudi Kurth did in his sidecar. The engine a 500 two stroke triple was very fast but not so reliable.
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Seeley Crescent 500

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Hamove races 2018

Suzuki RG500 special, seen at the Hamove races in Hengelo Gelderland, The Netherlands may 2018.
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Hamove races 2018

Friday, April 13, 2018

Ocelot Suzuki GT750

Gene Davis and Larrie Schneider ran Ocelot Racing, Inc, of Madison, Wisconsin. In addition to producing the Ocelot chassis, Ocelot engineering modified over 130 Suzuki GT-750 engines over a time frame covering from the early 70s to the mid 80's. These Ocelot/Suzuki engines ruled DSR for many years, until the more powerful Kohler (140HP) came on the scene. Several DSR National Championships were won with Ocelot Suzuki engines. Note that the Ocelot made even more power than the factory TR750 due to larger carburetors and a full 750cc displacement compared to the TR's carburetor size, limited by Grand Prix rules, and 739cc displacement. Note that with the horsepower listed below, Ocelot engines put out 2.5 HP/cubic inch or 150 HP/liter in the mid 70s! Ocelot made two basic race engine types: A 750cc "regional" engine good for 110-115 HP. A 1978 pricing sheet from Ocelot shows the "Introductory" 750cc engine at $2,463 Their killer 850cc 130HP "national" engine. The same 1978 pricing sheet from Ocelot shows the "National" 850cc engine at $3,545. Modifications: Ocelot engines included these changes: a modified TR-750 porting (similar to the Suzuki GP bike racing version) a "squish" head offering a small combustion chamber. un-tilted the outboard spark plugs. initially used the German Krober ignition type, then later change to the Lucas RITA LR105 (Racing Ignition Transistor Amplifier).
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Ocelot Suzuki 
Some vids of the car
Ocelot Suzuki 1
Ocelot Suzuki 2

Thursday, April 5, 2018

F1 RDRG500

This time some pics of rather special contraption a Suzuki Mark 7 RG500 chassis with an RD500 engine, it was built for the F1 race class of the TT of Man in 1987. Raced by Mike Buoys, it completed 2 laps at 110 mph and retired due to a fuel leak. After that it was sold to Chris Faulkner and due to a broken wrist he did not ride the machine. Then it was sold by Steve Griffiths as a project to a collector and was restored by Nigel Everett. The machine is a Suzuki RG500 Mark 7 chassis, Suzuki radiator, magnesium throttle, long range replica alloy tank and fibreglass seat, Suzuki discs, top and bottom yokes, forks, temperature and rev counter, White Power rear unit and Campagnolo wheels. The engine comes from a Yamaha RD500, with Mikuni carbs and Gibson pipes.
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F1 RDRG500

Monday, March 5, 2018

Yamaha OW60 square four

The only surviving example outside the factory of Yamaha’s ultra-rare rotary-valve square-four.
This 500cc OW60 is the GP racer that was owned by French Yamaha importer Sonauto and on which Marc Fontan placed tenth in the 1982 World Championship standings.
Despite Yamaha being massively outnumbered by strong Suzuki opposition, he finished in the top ten in eight GP races and also rewarded Sonauto with the French National Championship. Only eight examples of the Yamaha OW60 were ever built and they were to all intents and purposes an outright copy of the rival Suzuki RG500 which, with its rotary valve induction, had outclassed Roberts’ 1980 World Championship-winning piston-port OW48R for speed.
Kenny only rode the OW60 square four in one Grand Prix, using it to win the opening round of the 1982 season in Argentina. After that he concentrated on developing the OW61 vee-four – not an easy task as it turned out, as he never won another GP that year.
The Yamaha OW60 square-four did, however, have its moments in the sun. In 1982, Crosby won the prestigious Imola 200 and was runner-up in the World Championship. Then in both 1983 and 1984, Kenny Roberts won the equally-important Daytona 200 (in 1983 and 184) on the OW69, a bored and stroked 695cc version of the OW60 that produced 175bhp!
In fact, all things considered, the Yamaha OW square four was a bike that could have been a World Champion but which was never given a fair chance in the hands of the top rider of the day.
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Yamaha OW60

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

RG, RD, RGV and YZR500 specials

One of the best places to find pics and get inspiration on two stroke 500 specials and 500 GP replica's is this topic on the Daidegas forum.
Le 500 2T speciale e replica

Thursday, February 8, 2018

RG500 and RG400 production numbers

Model Location Qty Yr MFG Dates
RG500G exported 7340 86 4/85 - 3/86
RG500G exported 606 87 4/86 - 3/87
RG500CH exported 806 87 4/86 - 3/87
RG500G Japan 22 88 4/87 - 3/88
RG500CH exported 510 88 4/87 - 3/88
Total 9284

RG400 Japan 5002 86 4/85 - 3/86
RG400 Japan 2-UK 863 87 4/86 - 3/87
RG400H Japan 348 88 4/87 - 3/88
Total 6213

RG500G UK 902
RG500CH UK 240
RG400 UK 2
Total 1144

Frame numbers
RG500EWC - HM31A-100001~
RG500EW-W (Walter Wolf type 1) - HM31A-102691~
RG500EW-2W (Walter Wolf type 2) - HM31A-105061~
RG500CH - HM31A-105405~
RG500G (E34) - HM31B-100001~
RG500CH (E34) - HM31B-101646~
RG400EW - HK31A-100001~
RG400EW-2/2C - HK31A-106287~

Here is the information on RG500's sold in Canada:
870 RG500G's were sold by Suzuki Canada
The first VIN was 0G2100012, the last was 9G2100882
There were 99 Walter Wolf models imported and sold
The first VIN was 0G2100883 and the last one was 2G2100982

Here are the country/model codes:
00 Japan ("Home" or "domestic" market)
02 United Kingdom
03 United States
04 France
17 Zweden
18 Switzerland
21 Belgium
22 Germany
24 Australia and New Zealand
25 The Netherlands
28 Canada
33 California
34 Italy
37 Brazil
39 Austria
53 Spain

For a complete list of Suzuki country codes see

VIN codes on all motor vehicles sold in North America may be deciphered as follows using this RG500 VIN code as an example: JS1HM31A2G2100951: 
JS1HM31A2G2100951 = JS1 HM31A 2 G 2 100951
JS1 : Japan Suzuki
HM31A: vehicle type
2: check digit
G: model year F=85,G=86,H=87,J=88 
2: plant code
100951: ID number

Earlier numbers, like 001 through 005 or so are usually destroyed, as they are "Production Prototypes"