Friday, March 21, 2014

Bantam RG500

The BSA Bantam RG500 Ariel Arrow is a runner!!
Want to know how it sounds see
Bsa Bantam RG500 Ariel Arrow

Sunday, March 2, 2014

The Green Tulip

Seen at the Motorcycle Meeting in Utrecht the Netherlands. The 50cc world record machine of Aalt Toersen. He is going to attack the 50cc world land speed record in August 2014 at the Bub Motorcycle Speed Trials in Bonneville USA. The topspeed of the bike will be in the region of 234 km per hour. Aalt Toersen is a former Dutch GP 50cc racer, he is almost 70 years old!
Aalt I wish you much succes in getting the record!
For more pics see  
The Green Tulip

The site of the Team (in Dutch language)
De Groene Tulp 

The Bub Motorcycle Speed Trials