Friday, October 10, 2014

Spondon F1 RD500

The Spondon F1 RD500 is restored, the current owner did a great job and came up with some extra information about this very rare and unique machine.
"I spoke to the engine builder just 3 weeks ago and was told this; The bike was built in the winter of 1984 and tested on a “water break dyno” not one of these dynojet things!!! So its at the crank the readings. At 10.500 rpm it made 125bhp and at 11.500rpm it made 150bhp however the pistons were not up to the job so a limit of 125bhp was set to make it reliable. The bike was ran for only one season as the rules changed at the end of the season allowing 1000cc four strokes so the project was then scrapped.
The bike is all totally original apart from two things.
1. The original forks were stolen for another bike many years before I got it, I am still trying to locate some original forks, so in the mean time I have just fitted some period forks.
2. The Front Spondon brake calipers were butchered and are currently being refurbed, so I have fitted Yamaha FZR calipers, the Spondon calipers will be fitted shortly.
Even the wheels are original and have been crack tested by Steve Turner the chap who made them in 1984."  
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Spondon F1 Yamaha RD500