Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Suzuki TGA1

This time some pics of a very special and rare bike the Suzuki TGA1, the Italian effort to keep Suzuki in the 500cc Grand Prix in the eighties. This bike was made in 1984 by Roberto Gallina and Massimo Tamburini. The frame is made of 7075 Alloy which cannot be welded, so it is glued together and reinforced with carbonfiber. The engine is an XR45 square four. This machine was made for Franco Uncini, it was also ridden by Sergio Pellandini. Most of the time Franco Uncini raced the official Suzuki factory bike, if he has ever raced the TGA1 in the GP's is not sure. The Italian bike was not near as succesful as the Ciba Geigy bikes of the British Suzuki importer Heron. This bike has been bought by the current owner about 20 years ago out of a large motorcycle collection and has been totally restored. The first outing after the restoration was at Imola this year.

Technical specifications
HB-Suzuki TGA1-500 (1984)
Rider: Franco Uncini (World Champion 1982)
Testrider: Sergio Pellandini
Team: Gallina
R&D: Roberto Gallina and Massimo Tamburini
Sponsored by: HB-Sigarettes and Suzuki Motor Corp.Japan

Suzuki XR-40 magnesium „square-four“ watercooled engine with rotating inlet system (carbonfiber disks and XR-45 cylinders)
Bore x stroke: 56 x 50 mm, capacity: 493 ccm.
Maximum power: 130 HP (95.6 kW) / 12.000 rpm.
4 magnesium Mikuni carburators (Ø 37,5 mm), two-piece aluminium radiator in V-configuration, close-ratio 6-gear cassette type gearbox, dry-clutch, Nippondenso ignition.

Number: TGA 0001
Sixpiece aluminium/honeycomb carbonfibre frame bolted together . Big steering head housing secured with12 bolts (the „powersteering“ with belt drive has been removed).
Magnesium Suzuki frontfork with hydraulic anti-dive system.
Aluminium rear-swingingarm with Kayaba gas-filled shock-absorber.
16“ magnesium Campagnolo wheels with Michelin or Avon tyres

front: double Suzuki steel brakedisks Ø 310mm with magnesium Suzuki brake-calipers (2 piston-type), Rear: single ventilated Suzuki brake-disk Ø 230mm
with magnesium 2-piston Suzuki caliper.

Fairing, petroltank and seat made from carbonfiber and kevlar
Dry weight: 112 KG!!!

Various parts and constructions were patented in 1983/1984.
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