Friday, February 22, 2013

Speads SQ4

A few years back I saw an ad on the web about a new square four. A guy from South Africa was building a square four with the use of existing parts. The text from the ad "The all new Speads SQ4 500cc square 4 two stroke, billet case with rotary valve induction. Donor parts, GSXR1000 gearbox and clutch, Rotax 256 kart engine barrels, pistons and heads." After that I didn't hear much about it until I found a vid on youtube of the first run of the engine. I would really like to know what became of the project, so if anyone has more information please let me know!!
For more pics see 
Speads SQ4  

For the first run see
Speads SQ4 500c two stroke engine first start up