Thursday, March 22, 2012


My last entry was about the Librenti 500, when I made it I was thinking about that other illusive bike that raced in the 500cc class at the same time, the VRP500. I almost could not find any information about it on the web, so I contacted Andy Leuthe and Carlo Verona. This is the information I received from them. First Carlo made a frame for Andy's Suzuki XR70 reed valve engine, after that Carlo, with contribution of Andy, made a total new bike with a home made V4 engine. One of the bikes was for Andy the other for an Italian racer. Nowadays Carlo still has one bike the other was sold, the whereabouts of this bike are unknown. The bike that Carlo has is in pieces but he has plans to restore it. Carlo still runs a company, Verona Racing Parts (VRP) this company makes König like airboat race engines. Andy and Carlo many thanks for the pics and the information!
Some specs of the 1992 VRP500
Engine: V4 500 - with 2 crankshafts
Carburettors: 39mm Dell'Orto VHSB
Bore - Stroke: 54 x 54
Power: 145 HP tested at the rear wheel at 12000 rpm
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