Thursday, May 26, 2011

Kawasaki KR500

Made a new photoset about a rather special bike the KR500, a square four two stroke with an alloy monocoque frame. The bike debuted in the world championship at GP of Nations 1980 (the circuit Misano Adriatico) with the rider Kork Ballington. At the end of the season the South African rider finished 12th in the standings. For the 1981 season the KR500 was improved, a new chassis was built which was stiffer and lighter, the bike got a magnesium crankcase and a fork with anti-dive. The season saw the KR500 get its first podium finishes with two third places (in Netherlands and Finland) with Ballington finishing 8th in the final standings of the championship. The main change before the 1982 season was switching to Showa suspensions. Ballington finished 9th in the championship, the best result during the season was a 6th place in Misano. At the end of the season the Kawasaki retired from the Grand Prix motorcycle racing.
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Kawasaki KR500

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Kork Ballington explaining the KR500